Coyote Thoughts: Crabby People

Coyote Thoughts: Crabby People

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In addition, Beau developed cognitive models of depression and addiction. Beau's therapy model is entering the clinical trial … Being thankful each day that the Creator keeps me focused as to why each one of us are here: To help others, share …
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Drug addicts, dealers are 'doctor shopping' for pain pills

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WEDNESDAY, July 17 (HealthDay News) — One of every 50 prescriptions for addictive prescription painkillers in the United States is filled for so-called "doctor shoppers" who obtain the drugs for recreational use or resale on the street, a new study …
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10 Lies Romantic Movies Have Told Us About Love

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From How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days to The Notebook, I just can't help but sit in a movie theater and sob, laugh, and become filled with hope. I come face to face with a screen where characters love, lose that same love, only to reunite and love again …
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Help, I'm in a sugar coma!

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I'm not alone in my addiction. About 45 million people play Candy Crush on Facebook each month, making it the most popular game on the site. It's the most downloaded mobile game on Android and Apple devices, and it's the top-grossing mobile app. Think …
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SAD WORLD OF WARCRAFT ADDICTION MOVIE – Everybody can do it. I wish you all the best.


14 Responses to Coyote Thoughts: Crabby People

  • Adam Björk says:

    farwel wow i have been crasy on the last time?

  • Adam Björk says:

    itt was good that? he did

  • Adam Björk says:

    if i gonna say something? i gonna do the same thing

  • animalm4st3r says:

    Well if you really wanted to stop, u can u dont? even need to delete ur account oO
    i play World of Warcraft since eraly beta. And its my Hobby i have way more playtime then u had there and other people put nearly the same amount of time in theit hobby. OFC there can be a line whre u can call urself or other addicted but that only cunts if u start slacking in real life.

  • SuvieSheng LaujVaj says:

    ahaha? funny

  • SuvieSheng LaujVaj says:

    Idc what you guys? say, but he did the right thing for him. Great job and great inspiring video.

  • Sgt Jayce Eden says:

    You quit wow stop? QQ’ing about it with this video you made.

  • Sgt Jayce Eden says:

    All I can say is…. Call your shrink. People do all kinds of crazy stuff as hobbies, if you add up the hours mins days weeks months years spent doing them… it’s no different. WoW is entertainment. You meet real people in WoW and any other game, it’s? not like you log in to your own copy of the world, you are immersed with people from all over the globe. Idiot. If you can’t controll how long you play daily, thats on you.

  • Dragon Lord says:

    tbh i only? play as my mates play

  • TheAddictedGamer HD says:

    You don’t have to delete all your stuff. You just have to shorten your game time. You could quit, but then? you might come back to the game in later life. I get your point, but I don’t play World Of War Craft.

  • screamingdoor says:

    This? was really cheesy but watching you delete your Thunderfury made my gut knot up. That’s rough man.

  • HarderStylesOfDance says:

    full tier 3 and scarab lord?? that account would sell for like 5k+ T.T

  • Jan M says:

    What? is the name of the music? That first one

  • Greg Holland says:

    I play WoW alot? and my first 85 was a dwarf warrior, first 90 a orc warrior, I deleted my dwarf easily I was never sucked into WoW addictively, however I did play alot because I like to play games, I think its stupid how people think all this stupid crap how WoW is deadly. No no no no no. WoW is a fine game and only addicting to people who already have bad habits or a terrible life. Serious this is stupid people watch tv for like 5 hours a day and everyone blames WoW players because is a game.

  • REMONTNaks says:
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