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SOC 2013 – Celebrating Women in Recovery From Drug & Alcohol Addiction

...  2013 – Celebrating Women in Recovery from Drug & Alcohol Addiction Video debuted at our annual benefit dinner to honor and celebrate our Sacred Heart woman’s specialty programs. They are truly unique, we are able to ...

Lawsuits Mount After Meningitis Outbreak

...  … Florence Crittenton … Read more on Kansas City infoZine¬† Violence Begets Violence in America Filed under: drug rehab centers in michigan In Inkster, Michigan, an eight-year-old boy brought a nine-mm semiautomatic handgun to his elementary school two… Continue reading

From Staff Reports

...  staff reports Filed under: drug addiction help free Dr. R. Scott Benson of Creekside Psychiatric Center will be presenting a seminar on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in the Dudley Greenhut auditorium. Parents and teachers are invited to attend. Free.… Continue reading

What Happens to Multiple Birth Babies in China?

...  of China. Since China forces abortions in a family with more than two babies, what happens with multiple birth situations like this? Best answer: Answer by Earl E MorningwoodThey rent them out to make ipods in the slave labor… Continue reading

Are There Any Self-Harm Rehab Centers in Michigan?

...  Are there any self-harm rehab centers in Michigan? I’ve been struggling with various forms of self-harm since age 10, i’m currently 14. I’m ready to get help and move on but i’m having trouble finding the right resources. Best… Continue reading