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OxyContin Abuse: Can It Be Slowed?

OxyContin abuse: can it be slowed?

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Increasing the drug's potential for addiction, some who abuse OxyContin crush the pills and snort the powder like cocaine or dissolve it and shoot it like heroin… Continue reading

State Striking It Rich With Problem Gambling Fund

State striking it rich with problem gambling fund

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THE CAPITAL-JOURNAL. FILE PHOTO/THE CAPITAL-JOURNAL. Gov. Sam Brownback's proposed budgeting of revenue from casinos that has been earmarked for helping gambling addicts conflicts with the recommendation of… Continue reading

Roundup: USOC Has Bigger Concerns Than Athlete Use of Pot

Roundup: USOC has bigger concerns than athlete use of pot

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Comments. Kudos to judo wrestler Stephany Lee for speaking frankly and convincingly about the double standard of punishing athletes for their personal use of… Continue reading