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Are There Interventions for People Besides With Drug/ Alcohol Problems?

Question by michaelcs2003: Are there interventions for people besides with drug/ alcohol problems?
I am looking for resources for a friend who needs serious help with a life situation that doesn’t necessarily fit into the scope of alcohol/ drug abuse.… Continue reading

Is There a Cutting Rehabilitation Center in My Area?

Question by sissybug1227: Is there a cutting rehabilitation center in my area?
I have searched online and I need to find a Self Harm or Teen cutting rehabilitation center in Nampa Idaho. None of the drug addiction rehabs but one… Continue reading

Central Valley Meth Treatment Lags Despite Widespread Use

Central Valley meth treatment lags despite widespread use

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While meth use remains high in Sacramento and other Central Valley counties, addiction treatment providers are struggling to stretch their shrinking resources to cope with the demand… Continue reading

TCA: HBO Nears Pilot Order to David Milch Drama 'the Money'

TCA: HBO Nears Pilot Order To David Milch Drama 'The Money'

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The writer behind HBO's Deadwood, John From Cincinnati and Luck has another project that is close to a pilot green light at the pay… Continue reading

Obama Family Tours Cell Where Nelson Mandela Was Jailed

Obama family tours cell where Nelson Mandela was jailed

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In 2003 Bush founded the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), which guaranteed $ 15 million to be spent over the course of five… Continue reading

Village of DeForest – Website Provides Parent Addiction Network Support

Village of DeForest – Website Provides Parent Addiction Network Support

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These sites are for parents, families, and friends who have a loved one affected by drug addiction. The drug epidemic that is sweeping our… Continue reading