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Cummings: Unnamed 'Conservative Republican' Behind IRS Abuse

Cummings: Unnamed 'conservative Republican' behind IRS abuse

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Cummings, a Democrat from Maryland and the top Democrat on the House oversight committee, claimed this week that an unnamed Republican manager in the IRS's Cincinnati… Continue reading

Why Didn’t Obama Take His Hard Stance Against Organizing When It Came to Bussing Addicts to Vote for Him?

Question by Lemanski’s Ghost: Why didn’t Obama take his hard stance against organizing when it came to bussing addicts to vote for him?
CLEVELAND — Volunteers supporting Barack Obama picked up hundreds of people at homeless shelters, soup kitchens… Continue reading

Holes in the Safety Net

Holes in the Safety Net

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They operate over 1,300 thrift stores in the U.S. and support causes for disaster relief, soup kitchens, drug and alcohol counseling, camps, community centers and homeless shelters. Another… Continue reading

Fifty Reasons Batman Sucks

Fifty Reasons Batman Sucks

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Should you start some rehab centers, soup kitchens, free clinics, low income housing, or other self-funded social programs? Or do you dress up as a rodent and terrorize petty… Continue reading