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Extra Points: Mathieu Searches for Redemption

Extra Points: Mathieu searches for redemption

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Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) – Tyrann Mathieu could end up as a walking, talking public service announcement — good or bad — for the disenfranchised youth in our… Continue reading

Can a Parent Have a Child (19) Involuntarily Commited to Drug Rehab in PA?

Question by : Can a parent have a child (19) involuntarily commited to drug rehab in PA?

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Answer by Zach
Not unless a judge signs off on it and makes it a court order. When you are 19… Continue reading

Can the NYC T&LC Revoke the License of a Driver Who Is in Recovery From Drug Addiction but Relapsed? This Driv?

Question by Salik: Can the NYC T&LC revoke the license of a driver who is in recovery from drug addiction but relapsed? This driv?
This driver gave a positive urine test, however, the driver is currently and prior to… Continue reading