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What Are Hairstyles for Black Women in the Summer Heat?

Question by Mika LaNee’: What are hairstyles for black women in the summer heat?
Ok so I don’t want to wear weave and I don’t have a perm so my hair doesn’t stay straight in the summertime. I want cute… Continue reading

Too Much Blood: Researchers Fear the 'Gift of Life' May Sometimes Endanger It

Too much blood: Researchers fear the 'gift of life' may sometimes endanger it

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-Patients are being screened and treated for anemia with supplements or drugs that boost the bone marrow to produce red… Continue reading

Suicide Rise Worries Clark Health Officials

Suicide rise worries Clark health officials

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“Prevention strategies include programs to help those … struggling with financial challenges, job loss, intimate partner problems or violence, stress of care-giving for children and aging parents, substance… Continue reading

Municipal Court

Municipal Court

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Terrance T. Dennis, 25, of 1635 Center Blvd., OVI, reckless operation, dismissed. John B. … Joseph A. Bailey, 34, of Hamilton, two counts possession of drug abuse instrument, innocent, continued, public defender… Continue reading

Inconsistency Seen in Safety Labeling for Generic Drugs

Inconsistency seen in safety labeling for generic drugs

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A U.S. Food and Drug Administration advisory committee on Thursday recommended against approval of the first proposed drug to treat chronic fatigue syndrome. A U.S. Food… Continue reading