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Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Death Brings Attention to Drug Addiction – Washington Post (Blog)

Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death brings attention to drug addiction – Washington Post (blog)

Washington Post (blog)
Philip Seymour Hoffman's death brings attention to drug addiction
Washington Post (blog)
Peter Shumlin, whose State of the State address in January focused only… Continue reading

NYC Drafting Staten Island's Doctors in Crusade Against Abuse of Pain Pills

NYC drafting Staten Island's doctors in crusade against abuse of pain pills

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A third of long-term patients show signs of addiction, said Dr. Farley: "We also have to recognize there are an awful lot of… Continue reading

New York City What Are My Options for Emergency Housing as a Female?

Question by : new york city what are my options for emergency housing as a female?
I am a recoving alcoholic and need to find sober living housing for women. any ideas??

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Answer by smartman11222
117 Sober Living… Continue reading

Sumter Man to Be Charged in Home Fire That Killed His Grandparents

Sumter man to be charged in home fire that killed his grandparents

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Families can sometimes feel overwhelmed when a loved one is struggling with drugs and/or alcohol, but there are a number of services… Continue reading

'He'S Killing Himself': Troubled Macaulay Culkin 'at Serious Risk of Lung

'He's killing himself': Troubled Macaulay Culkin 'at serious risk of lung

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Comments (371); Share. He was said to be close to death last year as he allegedly battled a devastating heroin addiction. But… Continue reading

Places in NYC Where I Can Get a Piercing Without Parent?

Question by Kitti3x: Places in NYC where I can get a piercing without parent?
I want to get my belly button pierced. I’m under 18.
I heard of Whatever Tattoo and Addiction NYC. Do they card you? Are they… Continue reading