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What Does a Substance Abuse Evaluation Envolve?

Question by pete: what does a substance abuse evaluation envolve?

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Answer by thebattwoman
Everywhere does it a little differently but the basics are the same:

Physical Examination, Psychological Testing, and a Psychiatric Evaluation (if indicated) all conducted by… Continue reading

Elko Court Records

Elko Court Records

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… abstaining from alcohol or being present in any establishment for which serving alcohol is the primary purpose unless required for employment, obtaining a substance abuse evaluation and if deemed… Continue reading

Erica Lord: Young Victims Not Alone

Erica Lord: Young victims not alone

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We give the tools, resources and support to kids and their parents or guardians to stay drug free, strengthen their familial ties and keep them in school. I… Continue reading

What Does a Substance Abuse Evaluation Consist of for Marijuana?

Question by : What does a substance abuse evaluation consist of for marijuana?
I live in the state of Massachusetts and I am court ordered to take a substance abuse evaluation for marijuana. What does this process consist of?

Best… Continue reading