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What Does Drug Cross- Dependence Mean?

Question by sarah: what does drug cross- dependence mean?

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Answer by Mathieu
It depends- there are several possible definitions:

1) Cross-dependence (also known as cross-addiction) means that a person is “addicted to everything.” Sometimes in an AA or… Continue reading

About How Many Drug Addicts Are There in America? How Many Seek Treatment? How Many Are Successful?

Question by [email protected]: About how many drug addicts are there in america? How many seek treatment? How many are successful?
General statistics and facts would be great. Thank you.
people who abuse narcotics and alcohol.

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Answer by An-Atomy… Continue reading

What Addictions Does the APA Recognize as Actual Addiction Disorders?

Question by Michael Brian: What addictions does the APA recognize as actual addiction disorders?
I know technically anything can be an “addiction” but I’m trying to find a list that the APA has put out that lists… Continue reading

New CME Platform Fulfills FDA REMS Blueprint for Safe Opioid Prescribing

New CME Platform Fulfills FDA REMS Blueprint for Safe Opioid Prescribing

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Recognize and respond appropriately to physical dependence, chemical coping, substance dependence, pseudoaddiction, and addiction; and 5. Counsel patients and caregivers about the… Continue reading

Thomaston Downtown Plan an Attack on Property Rights, Detractors Say

Thomaston downtown plan an attack on property rights, detractors say

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He said that the grants force people to rent their apartments to drug addicts. Selectman Eaton said the discussion was “getting out in… Continue reading

NYC Fights Prescription Drug Epidemic With Emergency Room Guidelines

NYC fights prescription drug epidemic with emergency room guidelines

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Doctors look for swelling or bad teeth as telltale signs of prescription drug abuse, Lewis Nelson, professor of emergency medicine at New York University, said… Continue reading