Alzheimer's Drug Dials Back Deafness in Mice

Alzheimer's Drug Dials Back Deafness In Mice

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Next, the team administered an experimental drug known as a gamma secretase inhibitor to the inner ear. Gamma secretase inhibitors were developed to treat Alzheimer's disease, but haven't worked out for that purpose. The drugs never made it to the …
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Disbarred lawyer pleads guilty to defrauding clients

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A disbarred Cedartown attorney pleaded guilty Tuesday to defrauding more than 50 of his workers' compensation clients out of settlement funds they were owed, the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia announced. Disbarred lawyer … "By his …
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New multiple myeloma drug is promising in the treatment of advanced disease

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A new oral agent is safe and effective in treating relapsed and treatment-resistant multiple myeloma, according to a recently reported, multicenter, phase II study. The agent pomalidomide is a new immunomodulatory drug under review by the FDA.
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Kershaw Deputies seize 21 dogs likely used for fighting

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They seized the dogs, all pit bull mixes, along with drug paraphernalia, a stolen motorcycle and materials used to make and sell crack cocaine, Matthews said. Deputies also found heavy logging chains used to tie up animals, shock collars, bite sticks …
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Deaf mental Health for Georgia – Suppport Mental Heatlh for deaf People in Georgia Captions: Hello my name is MeLisa Dennis and I am a mental health counselor and I am fed up, enough is Enough! It’s time for the state of Georgia to provide equal access mental health services for deaf people! Should we be denied services because we are deaf? Should we have to suffer with depression, addiction and be isolated in institutionalized hospitals? Deaf mental Health service will help with depression Deaf addiction service will help with people who have a drug addiction and want to improve their lives. Deaf group homes and day treatment programs will help deaf people who have been left in the hospital alone with no communication no contact with other deaf people. We want Equal service all over the state of Georgia, the same service that Hearing people have access to. The government will not change unless we all get together and support our needs for Deaf Mental Health!!! If you agree with this come and show your support tomorrow 1/4/2013 at 8:30 am Richard B. Russell Federal Building and Courthouse 75 Spring Street, SW Atlanta, GA 30303