Why Do Very Inexperienced Americans Believe That the Lovely Little Pitbull Is Worlds Toughest Dog?

Question by ferret/dogmad: why do very inexperienced americans believe that the lovely little pitbull is worlds toughest dog?
toughest breeds: 1. bully kutta(pakistani mastiff) 2. kangal(anatolian shepherd),tosa inu(japanese mastiff) 3. english mastiff 4.bandog(pit/neo mastiff mix) fila brasiliero(brazillian mastiff), neapolitan mastiff, cane corso, bullmastiff, argentino dogo(argentinian mastiff) 5. rottweiler, american bulldog, akita inu, presa canario 6. english bull terrier, american pitbull terrier(game or not), american staffy. 7. staffordshire bull terrier, various other bulldog breeds(old thyme, alapaha etc etc), sharpei.

i’ve seen loads of footage and have red all info on the fighting dog breeds and pitbulls don’t have lock jaw(read up), they have strong jaw for size but german shepherds have a stronger bite force, american bulldogs and rottweilers(powerful herding dog that is also a tough breed when it comes to a dogfight) is around 400 psi and pitbulls is around 225 psi(proven), english mastiff is reported to be much higher than 400. mastiff dog breeds of all types are the toughest by far(which is in fact, obvious!!!) and through researching have never come across pitbulls killing these larger breeds. for there size they are tough but stand no chance against larger breeds what so ever. why are so many people not educating themselves on the breeds they talk about. i am dead against fighting any animals, jus sick of the “pitbull is toughest dog in world” rubbish. mastiff breeds are the toughest breeds. so why do inexperienced americans go on about that highly energetic little dog being “worlds toughest”??????. learn about your breeds before you reply to question as i have a fair bit of knowledge on my side!
thankyou very much for your comments, i apologize to americans as a whole your comments are better than i expected, apart from curtis m that doesn’t realise that a sharpei was trained and breed as a pit fighting breed the fear aggression isn’t a natural trait its learned buddy and an english mastiff is the worlds strongest dog(proven) and possibly has the most powerful bite, ranked fouth in the world for best guard dog breed also. so far from useless. you no about teaching ya dog to hunt boar, so pls stick to what you know and don’t comment and things you obviously don’t. as for those that think i have a nerve in what i say, i apologize my intentions aren’t meant to be rude. The pitbull is a wonderful breed and deserves positive and not negative publicity to help educate the idiots that destroy their good nature
by the way i’m a fully qualified canine behaviourist have been for 7-8 years with more than a few qualifications to go with it, if you truly was a breeder of gsd’s? you’d be a bit more knowledgable on your guarding breeds and their capabilities. i red ya profile, think ya made that all up a little?. By stating you breed gsd’s doesn’t mean you have gr8 knowledge of dogs too. you are a typical stereotype for the negativity the pitbull recieve’s, i wish your dogs luck. i’m sure they need it with an owner like yourself, idiot!!!!!!!

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Answer by darlene r
it is very important to you to be right.

Answer by Ge??a
I think you have some nerve in calling out other peoples lack of intelligence…

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6 Responses to Why Do Very Inexperienced Americans Believe That the Lovely Little Pitbull Is Worlds Toughest Dog?

  • MommaDoo says:

    I am an American and I don’t think pit bulls are the toughest. Most breeds will behave according to how they are treated.

  • Ava Girl says:

    Here’s the thing: nearly all pit bull owners are sick of it too.

    Most APBT owners I’ve talked to will say exactly what you just said. That they do NOT have lock jaw. That they are NOT vicious big bad terrifying animals. That they are NOT what people think they are.

    Instead of opposing them realize that you both are on the same page.

  • PeterbiltDave says:

    Maybe because they are “inexperienced”?

  • SUSPECT says:

    Although I agree with you that pit bulls are fantastic dogs, I think the American issue (although uninformed) is with the dog’s killer instinct, not necessarily the dogs fighting ability. These dogs (like all dogs) can be volatile in the wrong hands, that is what is feared.

  • Curtis M says:

    Okay firstly the first 2 breeds you mentioned are cowardly fear biters and you mistake their fear aggression for something it’s not: REAL aggression. These dogs are useless mutts. The Tosa Inu is a good dog. The English Mastiff is worthless as anything but a pet, they have 0 aggression. Bandgs, Filas, some Cane Corso, Some Neos, some Dogo, and some Presas are decent dogs. The Rottweiler when well bred is an amazing dog. Bull Terriers are great little dogs. Shar peis are fear biters more often than not….pretty much what I’m telling you is: You’re one of the kids who thinks these “rare exotic” breeds are great because they’re big. I wouldn’t waste my time trying to protection train 80% of the mutts and dogs you mentioned. People like you are the reason people can charge 2 grand for these “exotics” who’re poorly bred. People like you are the reason these dogs will have whatever little working ability they have bred out of them for the almighty dollar.

    In otherwords? You have no idea what you’re talking about and a well bred Pitbull is just as “tough” as any of the breeds you mentioned. Bite pressure isn’t important at all. Who cares if a Pitbull’s bite pressure is only 225psi? It’s enough to break BONE and make you cry like a little girl if he bites you. I love well bred Pitbulls and out of all the dogs I’ve taken on boar hunts, I like the Pitbull best.

    -edit- Fearfulness is a genetic trait, not learned. And who cares how strong a Mastiff is, it has had the guarding instincts bred out of it. You clearly know nothing about working dogs, working drives, or training. The only 2 breeds who consistently produce quality working dogs are working line German Shepherd Dogs and Malinois…everything else is a gamble. Lastly, who cares what dog can outfight the other? Dog fighting is illegal jack***.

  • Emdee says:

    The problem isn’t that Americans think that the APBT is the “toughest” dog on earth. The problem Americans are having with Pit Bulls stems from thier high drive to please thier owners. In the right hands this results in an amazing dog! In the wrong hands this results in a dog that is aggressive toward all people and other animals. Currently Pit Bulls are the vogue dog for criminals, thugs, drug dealers, and any poser who wants to look tough to own. This really dosen’t have anything to do with the dogs themselves, but with the people who own them.

    In the 1970’s the “tough guy” dog was the German Shepherd Dog. In the ’80’s it was the Doberman. In the ’90’s it was the Rottweiller. Today it is the APBT. Currently Cane Corsos are slowly taking over for the APBT in popularity amongst Thugs in America.