How to Kick/ or Get Off Herion Without Rehab?

Question by morgan l: How to kick/ or get off herion without rehab?
I’m broke rehab not an option no medical coverage how do I kick at home on my own

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Answer by Adolfo
Ask people to beat the sh*t out of you if they catch you shooting it. Pain teaches better than words for some people.

Answer by Mike
Gotta tough it out fi ind a fun hobby something to keep you busy and ur mind away from the good stuff lol

4 Responses to How to Kick/ or Get Off Herion Without Rehab?

  • Travis says:

    Well if you have friends or family that you can trust just ask to stay with them for a while and dont leave the house until your initial stint of thinking about nothing but the heroin is over I would imagine 3weeks to a month

  • Circababe says:

    That would be hard. I would say methadone tapering program but that’s not an option I guess. Damn that’s tough. Prayers and someone to help you. Good luck!!

  • Ann says:

    The psychedelic drug ibogaine is known for quick and reliable removal of heroin withdrawal symptoms. It is illegal in the USA, leading many opiate addicts to seek ibogaine treatment in Canada where it is legal. It is also quite expensive.

  • Ron says:

    its difficult but ive done it before. what you will need is a couple drugs from the doctor that will help ease the symptoms. obviously im not talking about methadone or suboxone cus those two things will make it all go away but you will still be taking and dependent on an opiate.

    anyway: clonodine for the sweats and chills
    xanax to sleep
    restfull legs for restless legs
    vicks or mineral ice to rub on muscles
    weed helps
    any kind of thing that helps with allergies. thatl help with the runny nose and itching
    take hot baths
    try to stay busy if you feel physically up to it
    emetrol for the nausea
    gas-ex for stomach cramps
    tonic water for restless legs
    chicken noodle soup
    setlzer water.
    dvds and porn
    several towels, pillow cases, sheets, and tons and tons of clothes. you will be sweating constantly in your sleep.
    krantom tea but dont over do it

    maybe some tramadol in the beggining. it is a partial opiate so dont go overboard or take them for more than the first 3-4 days.

    i would try to do this at like a motel or something away from any area where you will easily be able to re-lapse. hope this helps. its very hard. i suggest going to NA meetings after or getting some kinda support in the recovery world. relapse is very easy and being in some kinda program or situation where u need to be held accountable really helps.

    god speed.