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How Can Suboxtin Help Me With Drug Addiction ?

Question by MICHELE M: How can Suboxtin help me with drug addiction ?
how save s suboxtin in helping with drug addiction ?

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Answer by playground.love
Suboxtin or Suboxone (buprenorphine and naloxone) is used to treat opiate addiction…… Continue reading

Why Do Very Inexperienced Americans Believe That the Lovely Little Pitbull Is Worlds Toughest Dog?

Question by ferret/dogmad: why do very inexperienced americans believe that the lovely little pitbull is worlds toughest dog?
toughest breeds: 1. bully kutta(pakistani mastiff) 2. kangal(anatolian shepherd),tosa inu(japanese mastiff) 3. english mastiff 4.bandog(pit/neo mastiff mix) fila brasiliero(brazillian mastiff), neapolitan mastiff,… Continue reading

Homeless Drug Addicts?

Question by mandy: homeless drug addicts?
Im doing a speech on the homeless and I was wondering if there are any free rehabs or places these homeless drug addicts can go to to get help. and if there isnt, does… Continue reading

Does Anybody Know What Dare Is?

Question by : does anybody know what dare is?
dare is a program where a police officer teaches about drugs

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Answer by do-anh
, better known as DARE, is an international education program that… Continue reading

Escaping Video Game Addiction: Cam Adair at TEDxBoulder

Escaping : Cam Adair at TEDxBoulder
Today, millions of people around the world from all ages struggle with video game addiction. This issue affects all of life including school grades, job rete…


Drugs Really Changed Me?

Question by Emily.: Drugs really changed me?
Please help me, I’m only fourteen but fifteen in three days. In about September I started drinking a lot more than I did and taking drugs. I smoked weed often and did e… Continue reading