Any Help on Bipolar Disorder?

Question by txsweetness: Any help on Bipolar disorder?
My oldest daughter is in a mental hospital, a week ago she had a breakdown and tried hurting herself. She has a problem with pain pills and was under the influence, and in a deep depression. Now she is having memories of an abusive childhood. I was there, the things she is saying did not happen. Will she ever remember them correctly? Or in her mind will my husband and I always be parents that mistreated her. Has anyone ever remembered the truth when they are getting better. Please help. I feel useless.

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Answer by I Need 2 Scream
I am 29, just over A year ago I was in the same place as your daughter is right now. I had a major breakdown & I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.
And yes – At the same time I had my breakdown I also had memories of an abusive child hood everything traumatic came back to me in one big hit and the worst part is where my stepfather abused me and my mother knew about it and didn’t stop it. My mother denied this and still does, on the basis that becuase I am bipolar I must be lying as dishonesty is a common trait in bipolar patients. (a hypnotherapy session later proved I was not lying by the way). It’s her that doesn’t want to face what happened to me. That’s why I have my memory of it back now from deep where it was buried.
So, I think you should at least take a good hard look at yourselves and listen to the claims she is making. Maybe it is you in Denial.
Wikepedia has some wonderful information on Bipolar as does an Australian website
My suggestion is if you can’t offer her love, support and understanding and compassion at a time like this – let someone who can do it, you will only do more damage to her and her treatment plans if you are not on her side – you will alienate her.
My mother at this point is in denial that I have bipolar, as is my brother and my sister-in-law. Oddly enuff – my sister-in-law works at the pharmacy that dispenses my medication that is obviously a treatment for bipolar.
Don’t drive your daughter away – My mother has wound and twisted me up so much that I have Doctors Orders to not have her in my life at this point in time. Don’t let that happen to you.

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