Are There Any FREE Alcohol Treatment Centers in Phoenix, Arizona?

Question by Jenn: Are there any FREE alcohol treatment centers in Phoenix, Arizona?
My 41 year old brother has been drinking for 20+ years. He is really at a point where there are no options for him with the family. We can’t keep taking him in. He does work some but his situation, both physicall and mentally, has become unmanageable for even him. He has agreed to go into treatment. We do not have money for this and he is not covered by any insurance. Arizona will not qualify him for State insurance either. Any suggestions. He does not want salvation army.

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Answer by Durable Med
On this bright Sunday evening, I’d like to tell you a story, and give you a different answer than you expect.
Very simply, your brother is addicted to the endorphins the alcohol causes his body to make. Those are the morphines that most people make naturally, and don’t understand that narcotics, alcohol, self-inflicted injuries, etc. are a way of self-medicating. Even bulimia, because the body makes endorphins after vomiting. So let’s start out with you understanding that he is not a bad person, he just has an endorphin shortage, and no amount of ‘talk therapy’ will change that. Okay?
I’m going to share what is probably one of the best-kept secrets within the drug rehab community.
He does this because his body is only producing about a portion of the endorphins that the “normal” person makes. But there’s a way to cause the body to make a lot more, and by using an alcohol rehab drug, Revia, to do it. Now, that’s the making of an Urban Legend, except for being true.
In the early 1980’s, the narcotics addicts were filling the New York jails, and if they were probated, they went right back to robbing, burglarizing, mugging, etc. to get their next fix. Well, a drug was approved, called Naltrexone. Trade name Revia, and others, depending on where it’s made, etc. You could give the addict the Revia at the local community center as the term for their probation. They swallow it down, and stay in the room for a half hour. After that, free to go. Because even if they were to throw up, it would be sufficiently absorbed.
The Revia is an oral version of naloxone (Narcan), which ties up the body’s narcotic receptor sites. A person in respiratory depression from a narcotics O.D., with enough to kill a horse, could be up and chatty within minutes after an I.V. push of Narcan.
So there was no point in taking any narcotics, the sites were not available. The addicts were able to be probated. But, they HATED it. It made them feel terrible, without a way of getting better.
Switch back to 1977. Some researchers shared a Nobel Prize for the study of endorphins, the body’s natural morphine supply. So the study of endorphins was a big deal in the early 1980’s.
Anyway, a neurologist named Bihari was part of the naltrexone administration. He wanted to know why an addict would go right back to doing it, even though they ran the risk of “cold turkey” if they got caught. He hired a researcher, who found that addicts were only running a third of the endorphins of the ‘normal’ population, so the heroin etc. was a self medication.
Long story shorter, he found that if you give the addict a small portion of the naltrexone, at bed time, the body checks its supply around 2 in the morning, finds it at zero, and brings the endorphin level to as much as 5 times what it would have been. So the addicts were waking up WITH NO NEED FOR THE HEROIN. And HE COULD BE WAKING UP WITHOUT THE NEED FOR ALCOHOL.And by bringing up the endorphin levels, it also serves as a mild antidepressant because the brain neurotransmitters are the precursor of the endorphins.
Interested? Of course you are, or would not have asked. I’m going to invite you to read the article I’ve given in the site, beyond that calls for other things to be done, including getting a prescription for the Revia. And there are pharmacy companies that supply it without a prescription, such as one in India, another in Mexico. After all, it is not a narcotic, it’s a narcotic and alcohol rehab drug.
Now, the way I got mine was to tell my doctor about having a “binge drinking problem” and that I wanted “to try Revia for a month” for the Sinclair Method, no problem. I had to explain it to him. But anyway, I dissolve one of the tablets in 50 cc’s of distilled water, and draw up 4cc, for 4mg. The first website tells about it, and I hope I’ve helped you to see a different direction.

But anyway, the Sinclair Method has the person take a Revia a half hour before they drink. And instead of having to be totally abstaining, they can become a social drinker. But I think the Low Dose Naltrexone protocol has more value in resolving the cravings. Like it did for the narcotics addicts.

Read the websites, especially the first one. See that I’m not making it up as I go along. But narcotics and alcohol rehab centers would be financially devastated if people started doing it this way.