Bill O'Reilly Uses Sex, Lies, & Stereotypes to Attack Hawaii

Bill O'Reilly Uses Sex, Lies, & Stereotypes To Attack Hawaii

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*Washington DC is the highest with Mississippi being the second highest. Hawaii, at 12.81 is 35th.The fastest food stamp growth is in red states. He was correct about the … After the video, Watters' big pimping daddy, Bill O'Reilly, brayed about …
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2012 Year in Review for the Seventh Senate District

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In response to the prescription drug abuse academic, the Senate passed I-STOP legislation, which I co-sponsored. I-STOP, which was signed into law by Governor Cuomo, may very well be the signature piece of legislation for the 2012 Legislation Session.


Return of the TRUST Act

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Californians have heard talk on immigration reform in Washington, D.C.; Obama has said he'll focus on the issue soon after dealing with the fiscal crisis, and the nation's Republicans, humbled by November's results, are now talking seriously about how …
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Drug Abuse in the Military: A Public Health Crisis – At the VA Medical Center in Washington, DC, it’s no secret that if you want drugs, you can get them. From alcohol to prescriptions to illegal drugs, addiction among active duty members and veterans comes in many forms. The Institute of Medicine is calling drug abuse in the US military a public health crisis. RT’s Liz Wahl goes undercover to expose how drug abuse runs rampant in one VA facility and how it represents a greater national problem. RT America LIVE Subscribe to RT America! Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter


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