Books (Non Fiction) in Biology/ Biochemistry?

Question by kev: Books (non fiction) in Biology/ Biochemistry?
Hi, I’m looking to get a relatively basic book on medical topics such as virus and bacteria and the immune system, and how anti-biotic’s and anti-virals work.Any recommendations? No textbook suggestions please.

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Answer by Andreas S
Dear you can use webpages like

good luck but if u need any help i am glad to hear it.

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Answer by bookgeek
Her are some books that I found to be amazing!

Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks- The story of a poor tobacco farmer who’s cancerous cells were taken unknowingly, to become the first immortal cell, a cell that doesn’t stop reproducing and can stay alive on its own. Read as a New Yorker journalist writes about her lifestyles and her cells, that helped create the polio vaccine, that helped with cancerous studies, and now, over 60 years later, are still being used all over the world. In fact, if you weigh all of Henrietta Lacks living cells as of today, they weigh 50 million metric tons.

Invisible Enemies: Stories of Infectious Disease- Here are the stories of seven diseases that altered forever the course of human history: smallpox, leprosy, plague, tuberculosis, malaria, cholera, and AIDS. With compassion and an eye for fascinating detail, Jeanette Farrell writes of societies in turmoil and of committed searches for cures; of gruesome, misguided treatments and of the triumph of the human spirit. INVISIBLE ENEMIES is an intriguing mix of biology and history with a worldwide scope. Illustrated with over fifty reproductions of archival photographs, newspaper cartoons, public health posters, and the like, it shows that even as modern medicine discovers powerful tools to fight these dangerous microbes, modern minds still fall victim to primitive fears.

The Hot Zone- The dramatic and chilling story of an Ebola virus outbreak in a surburban Washington, D.C. laboratory, with descriptions of frightening historical epidemics of rare and lethal viruses. More hair-raising than anything Hollywood could think of, because it’s all true.

Panic in Level 4: Cannibals, Killer Viruses, and Other Journeys to the Edge of Science- These are essays (all from the New Yorker) that cover such scientific matters as a profile of controversial über-genome mapper Craig Venter; a gene that leads people to cannibalize themselves; and two Russian-Jewish émigré scientists who built a monster computer in their cramped apartment to puzzle out patterns in the value of pi. Preston’s essay on the destruction of large swaths of eastern U.S. forests by insect parasites accidentally brought into the country from abroad is the shortest but most compelling of them all… (At least in my opinion! ><) The Woman with a Worm in Her Head: And Other True Stories of Infectious Disease- As a "bugs and drugs doc," Pamela Nagami has seen some of the worst diseases known to humankind--flesh-eating strep, parasitic worms that zigzag through the brain, and AIDS, the biggest infectious disease emergency around. Some of the infections profiled in Maneater can smolder for years before rearing up and killing their unsuspecting human host; others seem innocuous, like chickenpox, which can nevertheless devastate a body. Others, like malaria, travel from other countries, but equally dangerous microbes live in American soil, just waiting to be disturbed by a backhoe or a runner and inhaled in a single breath. These indelible dispatches from the frontlines of infectious disease reveal the danger lurking in everything from salads to the air we breathe, the heroic actions of doctors faced with these bizarre cases on a daily basis, and the limits of medical miracles. Like a detective unraveling a crime scene, Nagami shows us how the most innocuous actions can hurt us, or save our lives. These are some of my favorite books and I hope that you will also enjoy them!!! 🙂

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