California Drug Re-Hab Earning Cash Helping Drug Treatment?

Question by : California Drug Re-Hab Earning cash Helping Drug Treatment?
i am 17 years old ( NO I DO NOT DO ANY HARD DRUGS) but i do *Admit* Marijuana should be
Legalized >>AnyWayz Me & My Best Friend Are Moving too California we are not sure where at yet in California we might move 2 >>Sandiego,California or like Beverly Hills,California soo my friend wants too work as >>>A Doctorate in Aerospace Engineering<<< he said he should be making around 120K A Year n soo i Really wanna fer my Self >>>How Can i Find a Drug Addition Program near “US” when We go Driving too California “We Are Not Rich yet” but i wanna help ppl get off of
>>>Hard Drugs such as … >>>Herion,Crack/Co-caine,Meth, any hard Drugs n i wanna try 2 find a Place like they do with >>>intervention<<< heres a >>>YouTube<<< Video Somones 1 >>>Herion Drug Addition >>>
a program somthin exactully like dat i could work fer n how much would i make fer 1 year or Monthly …etc n how long do i gotta go too school b4 i go into the Real Bussiness Job plzz tell me how much n i would love 2 know where i could do this at in California near
>>>Sandiego,California<<< or >>>Beverly Hills,California or if ya Find any otha places in California cause i heard their alott fights i dont wanna live somewhere wit Drugs or anything no Gangs soo if ya find somthing else plzz Email me @ my yahoo inbox at
[email protected]
Thank You!

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Answer by Exec Pot Head
What are you smoking!?
I rarely ask that. 17 with a friend who has their doctorate cause that would be 9 years if just graduating HS. Drug + near US = bad addition

First obtain a work permit, practice the language and open the California phone any where go under R for rehab.

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Palm Springs Drug Rehab Centers Alcohol Programs CA – Where are the best drug rehab centers and treatment options in Palm Springs CA? Call 1-877-576-5132 now or go to Location is very important when it comes to choose between outpatient programs and residential drug rehab! Dealing with a substance abuse problem, if you or a loved one are struggling with a cocaine, heroin, marijuana, meth, alcohol or prescription drug addiction it’s time to start your rcovery before it’s too late. Drug rehab programs, Drug and alcohol detox centers in California offer a wide variety of screenings, individualized treatment plans and holistic approaches to drug addiction.


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Controversy Surrounds Effort to Help Addicted Doctors, Protect Patients

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The proposed physician health program would levy a $ 40 license fee on doctors. The funds would create a committee to oversee a contractor that would educate doctors about addiction, serve as a resource and track their rehabilitation efforts. Doctors …
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… health organizations, treatment providers and advocacy groups including: California Society of Addiction Medicine; California Attorneys for Criminal Justice; California Professional Firefighters; California Association of Alcohol and Drug Program …
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