Career Criminal Walks Free After Judge Tells Him 'Prison Won't Do You Any Good'

career criminal walks free after judge tells him 'Prison won't do you any good'

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Passing a community order, Judge George Moorhouse told him: "You should be going to prison, but that's not gong to help you." Hopwood, of Dickinson Street, Darlington, was also ordered to undergo supervision and take part in a drug treatment programme.
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The other side of addiction

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PADS, a division of Pioneer Center, provides referrals and offers in-house counseling services in an effort to treat the root problems of substance abuse and, ultimately, homelessness. They administer breathalyzers at the door and random drug tests …
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Gene breakthrough boosts hope of drug for blood diseases

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Researchers at Birmingham University have uncovered the genetic roots of platelet function disorder, a breakthrough that should not only improve screening and treatments for the condition but also increase chances of developing a new generation of …
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Family questions inmate's death in EBR Parish Prison

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Melton's family members claim his death could have been averted, and, in interviews this month, called into question the treatment he received while awaiting trial on weapon and drug charges. “Instead of him just being left alone in a room to die for …
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