Challenge to All White-Liberals and Jews?

Question by : Challenge to all White-Liberals and Jews?
You claim that poverty is the cause of the huge disparity between White and Black crime rates. Read the following:

West Virginia

Poverty rate: 17%
non-Hispanic White: 93.5% of population
non-Hispanic Black: 3.3% of population
Murder rate per 100,000 inhabitants: 3.3
Rape rate per 100,000 inhabitants: 20.0
Robbery rate per 100,000 inhabitants: 49.0
Aggravated assault rate per 100,000 inhabitants: 210.5
Violent crime (murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault) per 100,000 inhabitants: 273.8

Washington D.C.

Poverty rate: 17.2%
non-Hispanic White: 32.8% of population
non-Hispanic Black: 52.8% of population
Murder rate per 100,000 inhabitants: 31.4
Rape rate per 100,000 inhabitants: 31.4
Robbery rate per 100,000 inhabitants: 748.5
Aggravated assault rate per 100,000 inhabitants: 626.4
Violent crime rate per 100,000 inhabitants: 1437.7

Washington D.C. and West Virginia have practically the same poverty rates. West Virginia is however 93.5% White and 3.3% Black and Washington D.C. is 32.8% White and 52.8% Black. The difference in crime rates:

1. Washington D.C. has almost 11 times the murder rate of West Virginia.

2. Washington D.C. has a 57% higher rape rate than West Virginia.

3. Washington D.C. has almost 16 times the robbery rate of West Virginia.

4. Washington D.C. has almost 3 times the aggravated assault rate of West Virginia.

5. Washington D.C. has almost 6 times the violent crime rate of West Virginia.

This difference can be seen in all parts of America. Poverty-stricken White cities, towns, and states have clean and safe streets free of gangs, illegitimacy, drugs, and graffiti. You can leave your car doors and house doors unlocked without worrying about criminals breaking in. In Black cities few people feel safe walking outside late at night, crime is widespread, the streets are littered with garbage, there’s widespread graffiti, widespread drug use, and parts of the cities even resemble third world slums.

I challenge you lying liberals and Jews to respond to these facts. You’re bald-face liars with your lies that poor Whites and poor Blacks commit the same rates of crime. You take the results of an inferior group of people and claim that one result is the the cause of another. Blacks are poor because they’re stupid, uneducated, and lazy. Blacks commit crime because of their predisposition to savage behavior. The fact that their poverty correlates with crime does not prove that it is the reason why they commit crime. The fact that all of these failures are a trademark of Blacks generation after generation in all parts of the world that they inhabit is however proof of their genetic inferiority.

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