Cure for Congenital Anosmia? (No Sense of Smell) –Please Read–?

Question by Maddie =}: Cure for Congenital Anosmia? (No Sense Of Smell) –Please read–?
I have congenital anosmia and have never had a sense of smell.

I read online of a clinic in Washington,DC that could possibly cure my condition but its a lot of money and its like a 50% chance or so. But its the only place that does it and it accross country.

But I was wondering if anyone has actually gotten their sense of smell in one way or another by perhaps using other methods…?
(I also heard a rumor about acupuncture working.)

If anyone has any helpful info I’d appreciate it.


Best answer:

Answer by The Professor of Everything
I wish I could be more positive about your problem. Since your anosmia is congenital it is not going to be easy (under statement) to find a cure. You should be very careful of online clinics promising cures. I suggest you contact the Anosmial Foundation at They can help guide you to a legitimate treatment- if there is one for congenital conditions. Some old folks lose their sense of smell and no cure has ever been found that I know of. There are tumors, sinus infections, and even the over use of some drugs that can cause it. Even if congenital, there is the possibility of something developing in the womb. I don’t know of any personal cases of a patient being successfully treated by acupuncture, but a specialist in this field just might be one of your safest first trys. So I hope this gives you some hope. Main thing is to not go treking off to D.C. without contacting the Foundation first. Good luck.

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