DC’s Startup Economy Doesn’t Revolve Around Feds

DC’s startup economy doesn’t revolve around feds
Berger landed a job doing “human capital consulting” on government contracts at Booz Allen, the management consulting firm that has morphed over the past decade into a federal contracting giant. Dividing the state into six would give Silicon … washington d.c. – Bing News

Lead In Washington, D.C. Drinking Water May Have Caused More Stillbirths And Miscarriages
One D.C. attorney, blogging about this new study, ended with the entreaty that “if you or someone you love was adversely affected by lead-poisoned water, contact one our dedicated Washington, DC personal injury attorneys today for a free … washington d.c. – Bing News

Washington, D.C.’s strict medical marijuana law keeps demand low
A law passed in Illinois this year included 30 ailments. “They deliberately have the most buttoned-down laws in the country,” said Mark Kleiman, a professor of public policy at UCLA. He said the district’s strict rollout of medical marijuana … washington d.c. – Bing News