Dealing With a Family Members Drug Addiction. Need Help?

Question by smaceroni: Dealing with a family members drug addiction. Need help?
OK my sister has been addicted to Ambien for about 4 years now. She has through detox and rehab twice and hasnt gotten better. She is still very much addicted and supoosed to be going into another detox/rehab. She has been supposed to go nor for 2 weeks but everyday comes up with new excuse or chickens out. I have been supportive or encouraging but now its getting hard for me to be that way cause it hard for me to believe that she is actually going to go. She gets mad when I try to give her “tough love”. She gets mad that my parents and I never went to some type of counseling to learn about her problem. She says that since I have never been addicted I dont know what its like. I understand that, but it doesnt take a rocket scientist to know that its going to be pure hell to go through detox and rehab and stay clean. I just dont know what to do or say to her anymore. Has anyone been in this situation? What should I say or do? She is 34 and Im 26

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Answer by free_angel
Tell her if she wants help bad enough, she’ll find a way to get it. And leave things at that.

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