Does Anyone Know of Any FREE Rehab Treatment Centers?

Question by Sammi: Does anyone know of any FREE rehab treatment centers?
I’ve been trying to find a free rehab center for a loved one and I’m having no luck, if anyone knows of any PLEASE answer!

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Answer by Tiny
There are many rehab centers for the indigent which are run by the Catholic church or by offshoots from it. I have heard of the Jesuits running them as well as the Franciscans and some of the female medical orders as well. These are often listed as “St. Soandso House” or similar. You might try googling a bit for some of those. Good Luck.

Here’s one I found for you to start with–there are ALLOT of them around it really depends on where you live.
For applications Contact: Jim at the White River Recovery Center at (605) 259-3365 or Geraldine at the Icimani Ya Waste’ Recovery Center at (605) 747-5547 (No Fees or Costs to attend)

Answer by Dylan
Do you have insurance? One thing many people don’t realize is that you can go to a treatment center for depression, drug addiction, bipolar or whatever and have your insurance handle it.

You can call the best treatment facility in the U.S. for free advice here –


They will give you a free consultation over the phone an discuss rehab options for you.
Call them now for a free consultation and they will help you with making it virtually free or really cheap if you have insurance.