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Ilinois Drug Laws.. First Time Offense?

Question by Zuber: Ilinois drug laws.. First time offense?
What is the possibility of a 48 year old woman being charged with possession of meth <5 grams (class 3 felony) and possession of hypo/needles 1st (class A misdemeanor) being let out on bail and only receiving probation? I know that Illinois passed a new law about drugs, but what I read from it is that it applies to people previously charged. She has no other charges in this state. She has 7 felony charges in Michigan for fraud. She has been off parole since 2006 for them. She wasn't the only one in the car and the guy with her is being charged with the same thing. He told the judge at their first apperance that she didn't know. Do you think they will still charge her or let her go? Please only serious responses. I agree that the best thing that can happen to her was the arrest... Just concerned about her. Best answer:

Answer by The First Dragon
I don’t know. But if she is using… Continue reading

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Is Drug Addiction the Only Disease You Get Thrown in Jail for Having It?

Question by steven g: Is drug addiction the only disease you get thrown in jail for having it?
If it’s a disease why can you buy it on street corners? If it’s a dsease why do they have treatment limits?… Continue reading