Drug Rehab Programs in California.(FREE)?

Question by Yo-Yo: Drug Rehab programs in California.(FREE)?
I was wondering if anyone knew of any.

My best friend’s mother was a meth addict a few years back and recently my friend(samantha) found meth in her house.
She says her mom has been acting differently and coming home at different hours of the night and sometimes not come home at all.

Samantha’s mother DENIES that she uses,but everyone in the family is certain she does.

A week ago samantha was reaching out for her cell phone while her mom and grandmother were arguing and she(her mom) kicked her!
It turned into an actual fist fight.
Samantha has a black eye now,she asked for my help,so here I am.

Please dont judge their family,I just NEED answers.

–Thank you

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Answer by miya
i dont live in USA

Answer by Michael N
Salvation Army has an Adult Rehabilitation Center for Women somewhere in California, down towards L.A., I think. It’s free, but participants work in the Salvation Army warehouses processing donations. Six month minimum program. They’re into structure and rules! Also, Teen Challenge, a faith based program. Info available by a google search and a couple of phone calls. Finding a program is a cinch, getting her to attend another matter…..also check the Rational Recovery site for info about the family dealing with the problem. They probably offer a more accurate assessment of these situations – blunt and to the point! Hope this helps and God Bless…..