Drugs Really Changed Me?

Question by Emily.: Drugs really changed me?
Please help me, I’m only fourteen but fifteen in three days. In about September I started drinking a lot more than I did and taking drugs. I smoked weed often and did e whenever I got the chance. I’d drink rougly two thirds of a bottle of vodka a day, and this would be in school as well as out of. After a while, teachers started noticing and my friends didn’t like it. One friend got worried and told a teacher about me drinking who phoned home and the social services were involved. I thought I’d totally stop, but I haven’t. I don’t really drink anymore but I smoke cigarettes and still smoke weed. About two months ago I tried LSD and kept having it even though I had horrible trips. I haven’t taken it for a while now because the person getting it me has stopped and it was really messing me up. I can’t eat much anymore, I’m pushing everyone I love away from me but I’ve been off the drugs for a while. I know I’m depressed and I never go out with people anymore, I don’t get much sleep and
I often find I’m crying when I don’t actually feel upset. A lot of personally bad things have happened recently and they’ve really upset me but I seem to be unable to show my emotion. I’m stubborn and determined not to show I’m weak or vulnerable and I can’t ask for help because of this. I really want to stop being this way because I’m losing close friends, I’m suicidal and all that’s keeping me going is my two year old sister. It’s like I’m just living each day the same constantly and all I’m doing is to make sure I’m not a failure to my little sister who is everything to me – but I know I am and it’s really upsetting me. Please help, I don’t know where I’m going or what I’m doing any more and I’m too stubborn, scared and uncomfortable to talk to anyone about it

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go to rehab

24 Hour Addiction Hotline (888) 978-4179
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