Facts About America's Health Care Quality That the World Doesn't Know

Facts about America's health care quality that the world doesn't know

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… care compared to nationalized systems, the very systems put forth as models for ObamaCare — whether defined by wait-times for diagnosis, treatment, or specialists; timeliness of surgery; access to screening; or availability of medical technology …
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Scientists hail 'potential cure for AIDS'

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If clinical trials are successful, one treatment could be effective enough to replace the multiple therapies they currently need. "Drug therapy targets individual enzymes or proteins and they have one drug, one protein," Associate Professor Harrich said.
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State opens women's prison near Sacramento

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The Folsom Women's Facility began as a community correctional facility and more recently provided drug-addiction treatment to female parolees who violated conditions of their release. The Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation said Tuesday that …
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