Going Back to Rehab, Am I Making the Right Decision?

Question by seeking_answers: going back to rehab, am i making the right decision?
i am 18, ill be 19 in april and have been struggling with a severe drug addiction for the past 5 years. i have been battling this and never seem to win. a week ago i was thrown out of my house that was followed by a drunken brawl with my brother. my mother gave me 3 options, go to rehab – then home, go to my grandmas or back to my dads. my grandma is requiring rehab aswell. i chose rehab. i filled out an online assessment now i am waiting for my phone call from them. i am chosing to go back to the one i was at 2 years ago because they know me and my history. i can b.s. my way through it that way.

my drugs of choice are painkillers – severe addiction anywhere from 5 to 15 pills a day mainly percocet and morphine
cocaine and alcohol

the cocaine and alcohol arent as frequent…
my question is do you think i am making the right decision to go? i am doin it regardless but do you think its the right choice?

i am going to white deer run in allenwood pa

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Answer by BZREIMER
I think you definitely should go. It is FOR SURE the right decision to go… but don’t bs your way through it. Cause you’ll still be addicted at the end and it’ll have been a huge waste of money and time. If you’re going to do it, do it right the first (or second) time.

Answer by ? Barnacle Bill the Sailor ?.
You are way to young at 18 to have drug and alcohol problems. Wait until you are at least 60, and see if you can afford drug addictions, by then maybe you can afford to “tune out.”

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3 Responses to Going Back to Rehab, Am I Making the Right Decision?

  • aangel7 says:

    Aside from the alcohol, nothing you are taking will kill you to stop using. But you can die from the amount of opiates you are taking. I think you definitely should go to the program but I hope you are going for the right reason (to stop using). If you are going into treatment just to appease your mom, it isn’t going to be worth the time invested.

  • oh the pain says:

    yes but i suggest going to a place in montana called spring creek you will learn a lot of facinating stuff

  • ???HåRЧtyL3:::£ïFÊ??? says:

    I cant believe one of the answers that have just been said. Your to Young to have an addiction… if he really does believe that he is a complete idiot!
    Having an addiction in your teen years is just as likely as having an addiction in your older years. there is no way in hell someone could be that blind. In my opinion i believe that rehab is a great choice. I have had thoughts of trying to do so myself (Was addicted to Ecstasy weed and alcohol… to the extreme), i was just scared that people were not going to take me seriously. Being a teenager and having a problems with drugs is hard. People brush it of telling you its just experimenting. I believe rehab will do wonders for you, but only if you take it seriously. don’t lie your way though. take it slow and learn from everything people tell you. Good luck.