How Am I Going to Find Drug Rehabs in Neptune, New Jersey?

Question by alejandra cd: How am I going to find drug rehabs in Neptune, New Jersey?
My son has some friends who are all taking drugs, and he has been enticed to try. Now he doesn’t know how to get off it. He says he wants to change already, and that’s what I really want too. I jsut need to know how I’m going to find drug rehabs.

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Answer by andie l
You should take your son to a doctor first so he can get himself detoxified. Detox clears the body of traces of the drug and brings it back to it’s healthy, natural state. As for drug rehabs, you can get recommendations from the hospital, or you could look through the links below. These may be able to help you. I sincerely wish that your son gets well soon. I know it’s tough when someone dear to you suffers from addiction.

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