How Does Corruption Affects the Country’s Economy Such as the Philippines?

Question by Soliel: How does corruption affects the country’s economy such as the Philippines?
in what way?
how do you think can we resolve it?
please feel free to answer..i really have to know.

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Answer by Yenlys h
I can’t talk about the philippines but i can definately talk about Cuba. Corruption affects a countrie’s economy, the countrie’s laws, and consequently the people. Poverty and violence go hand in hand with corruption. Because of corruption there’s a lot of injustices committed because there’s no equality. A government’s first task is to seek the common good and to aide it’s people; however, with corruption this is not the case and the only people who benefit are the crooked ones. the only way to resolve this issue is to overthrow the those that are corrupt and create new ways to prevent that from happening again. Unfortunately, many times is too late and what ends up happening is that because of corruption many atrocities are committed.

Answer by nattienes
Corruption slows down economy, and if it is casually practiced it becomes a habit , and sometimes it becomes rampant and very ordinary. In the Philippines , corruption is already a way of life , since they depend themselves too much to migrants , and illigal chinese businessmen. I think Phillipines , is helpless when it comes to diciplining these people , specially in bribing public officials by manipulating their payment of taxes. Not only these but in stablishing new business, in lobbying …I think their influence reached to the higher chamber of Phillipine officials.
Filipino people are indeed , the underdog and always the sacrificial lamb , and the irony , is within their own country. Almost Filipino are frustrated and hopeless by the way these irresponsible governent is treating or managing them So even if they knew that it is crucial to be away from their love ones , they just close their eyes swallow their sorrows and procceed and accept to enslave themselves abroad …not to mention the danger they would face during the ordeal.
This abuse and slavery , begins from the 60`s ….how many years passed but people who are involved are still on with these business , talks about improving the plight of OFW , but until now the condition are becoming worst.
The consequences are broken families , drug addiction , immorality, paricide are in rate high etc…
At this moment things can be resolve by the people , thru voting. Select a leader with high moral or standard of intelligence, so he / she can rule the country with true and right decisions.
Or maybe church must do much more to help and improve in educating people thru their teaching.

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