How Often Can You Visit Your Babies in the NICU?

Question by tdoff: How often can you visit your babies in the NICU?
My daughter just had twins eight weeks premature. They were 4-14 and 4-4 at birth and are in the NICU. She visits them frequently, but is getting a vibe from the nurses that she is “in the way”. She is 21, unmarried, and has had a history of drug and alcohol abuse in her teen years, but none recently. She wants to bond with her babies, but is becoming more reluctant to go because of the way the nurses seem to regard her. What should she do?

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Answer by chik7896
I went everyday. And if those nurses think she is getting in the way, I suggest she try to find new nurses. When my daughter was in the NICU, the nurses loved that I was there everyday, and I avtually got to do everything for my daughter. They told me that it was a great thing for my baby. Tell your daughter do not let the nurses discourage her, her babies need her now more then ever. Good Luck to her and everything will turn out jsut fine!

Answer by silybear123
Go over and speak to the nurses, they shouldn’t be acting like that, they are supposed to be caring….no??
Best of luck to your daughter and your grandchildren