How Will I Find Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Ennis, Texas?

Question by citlally t_e: How will I find substance abuse treatment centers in Ennis, Texas?
I would like to find substance abuse treatment centers in Ennis (or near there) because that’s where my friend lives. I have just recently known of her alcoholism and I really want to help her, even if it’s just by helping her find a treatment center. How will I do this?

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Answer by alani ts
Finding treatment centers, even for someone far away from you, is pretty easy. The links below will surely get to help you out. Just keep on being there for your friend. Your support and encouragement will really matter much. I do hope that she gets to be treated for her addiction soon. Good luck!

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Substance Abuse Treatment – Brookhaven Hospital – People bending under the weight of chemical dependency face a daily struggle with their disease. Addiction is a serious medical illness that affects many Americans. At Brookhaven Hospital, we understand the severity of this condition and the disabling impact it has, and we have the expertise to provide safe and effective treatment for a variety of addictions. Our chemical dependency treatment program offers hope to people suffering from: * Alcoholism * Prescription drug addiction * Cocaine or crack addiction * Heroin addiction * Polysubstance addictions * Dual diagnosis — Addictions occurring with mental health problems Brookhaven Hospital has developed a solution-oriented treatment program that offers a healthy environment for individuals struggling with chemical dependency. Additionally, we are able to offer treatment options for addicted individuals with a dual diagnosis, such as depression, borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder, and eating disorders. As a dual diagnosis facility, we are able to offer a comprehensive spectrum of care for a variety of chemical dependency problems.


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