I Am Looking for Information on How Drug Addiction Treatments in Sullivan, Maine Work.?

Question by arlyn r: I am looking for information on how drug addiction treatments in Sullivan, Maine work.?
I’m working on a TV-movie script about the life of a drug rehab patient. I think it will be more realistic if I include some information about drug treatment programs and how they are conducted. I hope you can help me.

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Answer by crazychic
u mean drug “deaddiction” treatments?? 🙂
Sorry no clue

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Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Program for adolescents in Atlantic Canada – Portage Cassidy Lake – Residents and graduates of the Portage Atlantic rehabilitation program at Cassidy Lake describe their struggles with substance abuse and their appreciation for the Portage drug addiction treatment program in New Brunswick. Residents, staff, and members of the community talk about how Portage helps Atlantic Canadian youth seek Freedom from Addiction. Portage is a cross-Canada non-profit organisation that fosters the strengths and skills of substance dependent persons to enable them, through comprehensive and cost-effective interventions based on the therapeutic community approach, to live lives of sobriety, filled with dignity, self-respect, and accomplishment. www.portage.ca


Ex-drug addict now helps reunite families

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Davis' mindset shifted when she received a notice that the state intended to sever her parental rights permanently. She panicked, took a bus back to Des Moines and threw herself into an addiction-treatment program. She'd gone through treatment before …
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TRICARE substance abuse treatment falls short, experts say

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By sending troops diagnosed with drug and alcohol addiction to 20-day treatment programs at civilian rehabilitation centers, the Defense Department is taking a Band-Aid approach to dealing with a problem of epidemic proportions, psychiatrists, former …
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#From_addiction_to_recovery a brilliant insight in to recovering drug addicts and the hypocrisy of the methadone treatment programs. – by Centrenews (Lewis Blackwell)

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