Ideas for an Experiment to Demonstrate Drug Addiction of Meth ?

Question by Briana: Ideas for an experiment to demonstrate drug addiction of Meth ?
Im doing a project on the chemistry of drug addiction of Meth . I’ve successfully gone over all of the chemical reactions that take place in the body , and the chemical makeup of meth , but i need some ideas for an actual experiment i can use to demonstrate the idea of drug addiction , or what takes place in the body when the drug is in use. Of course i won’t be able to actually use Meth .. thats why i need some alternative ideas. Thanks for the help in advance !

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Answer by Philippe
Hi Briana,

It is clear that you’re not going to experiment yourself with substances to demonstrate the dependence . . .

Therefore, search for documents giving the results . . .

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Methamphetamine (methylamphétamine-Hydrocloride) is a synthetic stimulant.
Presentation: powder pills (yaba, pills Thai, Pervitin®), Crystal (“crystal”, “ice”, “pico”) or base free (Meth).
Forms of consumption: methamphetamine is swallowed, to sniff and more rarely to smoke or injects.
Dosage: between 2 and 25 mg, depending on the degree of purity.


Production of noradrenaline, stimulating the body and dopamine secreted in parallel, strengthens self-confidence. Methamphetamine reached faster the amphetamine brain and the dopamine effect is stronger, it causes a greater thrills and increases the potential for dependence. Increase the body temperature, pulse and respiration to speed up, blood pressure increases. The sensations of hunger and fatigue are blurred. Building self-confidence, propensity to risk taking, insensitivity to pain, euphoria, extreme nervousness and need to speak. Methamphetamine is often consumed as aphrodisiac drug because it increases sexual desire and disinhibits.
Beginning of the effect of the product: snorted after approx. 3 min, swallowed after 30-40 min, 1 smoke after a few seconds.
Duration of the effect: 6 to 30 (!) hours. The effect can easily extend beyond 24 hours, methamphetamine is difficult to eliminate.

Risks and side effects

A priori, it is virtually impossible to distinguish between methamphetamine of amphetamines. However, its effects are much more powerful than those of the latter.
Short term side effects are tension of the jaws, dryness of the mouth, the rise in temperature, large losses of fluid and an acceleration in heart rate, increased blood pressure, the earthquakes of the whole body, irritability and aggressive behavior (especially in combination with alcohol). Long-term risks: methamphetamine is a very exhausting substance with a very strong potential for dependence. Regular consumption periods are accompanied by aggression, depression, emotional coldness and the need to repeat.
A State permanent agitation, sleep disorders and blood circulation, of the access of paranoia that could lead up to amphetamine psychosis can occur. On the other hand, weight loss, inflammation of the skin (“speed buttons”), fall of teeth, stomach aches and cramps are possible. Women’s disruption of the menstrual cycle.
Sniffer damage the septum and nasal mucosa. Oral, is similarly of the mucous membrane of the stomach.
Chronic use affects the kidneys and promotes sexual disorders, brain hemorrhage and stroke with sudden paralysis attacks. It is assumed that the use of methamphetamine (especially mixed with MDMA) can cause changes and irreversible damage of the brain!

“Safer Use”
•Dose carefully, methamphetamine is a very powerful substance.
•For frequent use, take vitamins C and D, as well as mineral salts (iron, calcium and magnesium).
•Eat enough after eating to prevent weight loss.
•Wood much (drinks without alcohol).
•Respects the rules of “sniff own” and “Safer sex”.
•Waive any mixing with other substances.
•Careful to respect breaks without consumption.
•People with mental diseases, hypertension, diseases of the liver and kidneys, diabetics and pregnant women should not use methamphetamine.