In Need of a Inpatient/outpatient Drug Treatment Program in West Virginia.?

Question by lil mama: In need of a inpatient/outpatient drug treatment program in West Virginia.?
My friend has been on and off drugs for yrs., finally he has asked for help, and I’d like to do what I can for him. The tricky part is… he is currently incarcerated, due to get out May 18th, he’d like to go straight to a treatment facility and not back out on the streets. However all the places I have called so far say that he needs to be refered to a 28 day facility, the have that facility refer him to a 90 day. There are only 3 28 day facilities in W.V. and they all have a 6-8 week waiting list. To top it off they prob. wont tk. him because he wont have any drugs in his system. The only other option is to try and find a outpatient facility and if they feel he needs it, they can try to refer him to inpatient. There are 2 outpatient facilites in the area and they want to prescribe other drugs to suppress the cravings………..I’ve discussed this with him and this would be a last option, he has no drugs in his system now and the goal is to keep it that way. Please if anyone has any other suggestions, options, or has been threw this before , I’d like to hear it…..Please no smarta** comments though, unless you’ve been there don’t judge.

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Answer by pharmacymom
There may be one at C-health in Lebanon.

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