Is It True That Jews Are Physically More Unlikely to Get Addicted to Marijuana?

Question by McJim Kenneth Noodles: Is it true that Jews are physically more unlikely to get addicted to marijuana?
I don’t mean they are not allowed to do drugs for religious reasons. I am wondering if their genetic makeup makes them less susceptible to marijuana addictions.

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Answer by Mum knows best
Well I don’t do it, my mum would kill me x

Answer by Scott
It in fact, is false. A resistance built into genetic structure would take generations of smoking it to build the natural tolerance in the DNA make-up. Are you confessing some family history here? 😛

Marijuana is habit forming for all of us. All humans are affected generally the same way.

Addictions are hard to break, and require slow withdrawal from them. You could stop smoking marijuana in a day, so I’m not sure how “addictive” it is.