Is Past Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Abuse Private?

Question by Rainy D: Is past treatment for drug and alcohol abuse private?
I’ve been accepted to LPN school and on the physical sheet they ask if I’ve ever been treated for drug or alcohol abuse. I really don’t want to reveal this, some people are very judgmental when it comes to that. But it says on the bottom that knowingly giving false information can result in dismissal to the program, I went to rehab 7 years ago. Shouldn’t this be my business? Do I have to reveal this?
If I answer yes can they take back my acceptance to the program?

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Answer by Tink
This is something that a good lawyer should be able to answer in a phone call without a charge. Look for one that handles drug and alcohol charges. I believe that unless a legal charge was filed, that you don’t have to report it – but I wouldn’t swear to that under those circumstances.

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