Is There Any Programs to Assist a Middle Aged Person With Addictions?

Question by Whatever: Is there any programs to assist a middle aged person with addictions?
I have a friend that is in desperate need of some help. He started out with a promising future, good job, marriage, purchased a home. He hooked up with the wrong people, got hooked on crack, then lost his job, his wife and his home. He’s been to rehab, no help, because he went in for the crack addiction but did not mention to them that he was an alcoholic and a compulsive gambler. He has had his driver’s license suspended, ( he was a truck driver),due to DUI , DWI’s and did not pay his fines and has done time for drug possession and have not held a steady job in years. If it wasn’t for family and friends he would not have a place to live or clothes on his body. He is a middle aged guy and although there are support groups out there for younger people, you just cannot find groups that can help a person of his age with what he is experiencing. It seems that he has just given up on life. Is there any help or hope for this person?

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Answer by upside down
You could ask the Salvation Army for referrals in your community. They keep a current list to assist people of all ages and addictions.

You are a good soul for trying to give him a hand up out of this mess!

Answer by asb
There is always hope.

I don’t know your friend, so I can’t give medical/psychological advise specifically to him, but in general I would advise someone in his situation to seek professional help. Is he working with a therapist or counselor? There are many places one can go to receive help for little money. If he is still abusing, it may be helpful for him to consider another inpatient treatment program to help him stop. It is so important that he’s absolutely honest with any treatment provider that he works with – without honesty, the process really won’t work. If he’s close to his family and friends, I would recommend a treatment program close by so that he can continue to receive their moral support.

Good luck, and don’t give up hope!