Jobs for Ex Felons in Georgia?

Question by mswannaknow: jobs for ex felons in georgia?
I’m looking for a job with a felony in my past. Who hires ex felons? The felony is not drug related or a dangerous crime.

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Answer by Michael
I am also an ex-felon but from NY. Mine was felony DWI w/ prison time. What I can tell you is; never give up! Keep faith in your Higher Power, let Him/Her/It guide and direct you. Life isn’t all wine and roses, you gotta have thorns for a rose to be a rose, and someone has to squash the grapes to make the wine. Just never, ever give up. I came home expecting to get nothing more than a dish-washing job at some greasy-spoon restaurant, what I ended up with was a maintenance/security job in an alcohol rehab. When that closed, I worked my way up to Maintenance Supervisor in a Nursing home, I now work in a machine shop as a carpenter w/ benefits. I also know someone who has an involuntary manslaughter conviction who got hired in a cookie factory, not a great job but it pays the bills. Wine or grapes, thorns or roses; its how you look at it. Thanks for letting me share.

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