Johnson & Johnson in 2013: New Revenue Sources and Old OTC Troubles

Johnson & Johnson In 2013: New Revenue Sources And Old OTC Troubles

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The diabetic drug canagliflozin from Johnson & Johnson was approved by the FDA advisory committee in a 10 to 5 vote. There were questions raised about possible cardiovascular risks in this drug that will be the first in a new class of drugs to treat …
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Maiden voyage for Halifax's mobile methadone clinic

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"When you see the apartment across the street and people coming and going at midnight or 2 o'clock in the morning and passing drugs out the window; that's more of a concern to me than making sure that the people who need to be treated are receiving …


Sound-Sensing Ear Cells Are Regenerated in Deaf Mice Susan Young

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So the team tried delivering the drug directly to the inner ear, where it should be unlikely to reach the rest of the body, says Edge. “When we treated [the mice] with the local delivery of the drug, they seemed perfectly healthy,” he says. “But before …
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