Lawmakers Continue Efforts to Fight Drug Abuse

Lawmakers continue efforts to fight drug abuse

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WASHINGTON, DC (NEWS RELEASE) – U.S. Rep. Nick Rahall (D-WV) and … on Prescription Drug Abuse. The goal of the caucus is to raise awareness of abuse and to develop innovative and effective treatment, prevention, law enforcement and research policy …
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Caleb Russell, Chicago Man, Arrested For Threatening To Blow Up CTA Bus

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The incident has prompted conservative blogger Pamela Geller, whose incendiary "Defeat Jihad" ads graced a number of CTA buses last year, to blame CAIR-Chicago, whose executive director Ahmed Rehab sponsored a pro-Muslim "My Jihad" ad campaign in …
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Rob Andrews Kicks off South Jersey Tour in Collingswood

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“When things go too long with this decision-making [in Washington, DC], it makes people uneasy and affects their spending habits.” The group discussed everything from gun control (Andrews is in favor of … that its root causes include mental illness …