LETTERS: Devastating Impact of Synthetic Drugs

LETTERS: Devastating impact of synthetic drugs

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One: the harmful side-effects can lead to aggressive, violent behaviour and two: regular users become addicted and develop substance abuse issues. Our youth workers rarely encounter violent behaviour, until recently, when a young person was visibly …
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AARP New York Statement and Video on Medicare's 48th Anniversary

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"Medicare does face financial challenges, which is why AARP is calling for responsible, commonsense solutions that would help ensure Medicare's continued success, including fair prescription drug prices and ridding Medicare of waste, fraud, and abuse .
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Drug testing in the workplace

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DRUG ABUSE is a widespread and serious problem in society today, and there is a very good likelihood that in a workplace, one or more workers are into drug abuse. This is tough for employers as drug abuse in the workplace may cause significant physical …
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Business Highlights

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Rapamune was approved in 1999 for use in kidney transplant patients, and the Justice Department says sales representatives were trained to market the drug for use in other patients. The U.S. Department of Justice says Pfizer Inc. will pay $ 257.4 …
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