Michael Lohan Hopes New Baby With Kate Major Will Be Daughter 'as Beautiful

Michael Lohan Hopes New Baby With Kate Major Will Be Daughter 'As Beautiful

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However, in April, Michael reportedly said that while he was in the hospital undergoing treatment for kidney stones, Kate showed up with the intention of getting pregnant. Before dating Michael, Kate famously dated former reality television star Jon …
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INFLUENCE GAME: Lance Armstrong's supporters turn to Capitol Hill in doping

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WASHINGTON — When the Justice Department decided not to prosecute Lance Armstrong for taking performance-enhancing drugs, his legal problems seemed to be over. Now the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency has weighed in with its own investigation of the …
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The Greene Connection?

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Additionally, Greene County District Attorney's newly assigned investigator has opened up both options and abilities for the sheriff's office, Brainard said, being able to get things done on a more frequent basis. “There is no border for this kind of …
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