More Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet

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Claudia Miller returns to life in Fort Wayne, Indiana, though now she has been outed as famous starlet Morgan Carter. Readers met Morgan in TRUE CONFESSIONS OF A HOLLYWOOD STARLET as she went into hiding in Fort Wayne after almost overdosing to death and a stint in rehab. She was supposed to lay low, be a normal teen and not miss any of her Narcotics Anonymous meetings. That did happen for a while, until one of her classmates figured out who she really was and sold her to the tabloids.

Now, Morgan is trying just to attend class and find private time with her new boyfriend Eli. But he gets a little freaked out when a makeout session in his car leads to paparazzi on the roof of his car. His mother, who loved Claudia, wants Morgan out of the lives of Eli and his twin sister Emily as fast as possible. As a therapist for drug users, she doesn’t trust Morgan.

Meanwhile, Morgan’s mother wants her back in LA for Thanksgiving, scheduling Morgan for voice lessons and personal training simply because Morgan mentioned that she may want to audition for the lead in her high school production of Oklahoma. Her mother thinks it will help her eventual comeback to Hollywood. She was nominated for an Academy Award, so how hard can a high school audition be?

Things get worse when Hollywood heartthrob Harlan Darly begins telling the press that he never got over Morgan. The reality is that he raped Morgan when she was drunk and very young, and she has not seen him since. She has only told a few people about what happened and isn’t sure what to do when the press asks about her relationship with him. Her agent and new stepfather, Sam, doesn’t know and is eager to represent Harlan, so Morgan goes along — up to a point. When she is forced to see Harlan at an A-list party in Hollywood, she knows she has to stand up for other women who have gone through similar ordeals.

Morgan is funny and sincere as she sorts out who she is. While readers may envy her Hollywood connections and designer Marc Jacobs clothes, they will cheer her spirit as she fights to stay sober and sane in two crazy locations.

It’s a super easy, breezy read that is fun for a plane ride or a bored afternoon. : )