Native American Answers Only: What Are Your Thoughts of Natives That Don’t Get the Helping Hand They Deserve?

Question by REUBEN B: Native American answers only: What are your thoughts of natives that don’t get the helping hand they deserve?
like how natives are just pushed to the side in health care, drug treatments and the likes. most natives who are charged with crimes as they call them like alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and homelessness. they really don’t try to get the natives in treatment they just let them go home where they will more than likely turn back to the vises that are plaguing the native community. just want to know your native thoughts on such a dire situation.

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Answer by Mello1
10 minutes and no one’s answered. I think you should make a simple Poll question, asking for a yes or a no. That would be safe on this site. You might be surprised how many whites sympathize with the Native Indian Peoples. Then again, there are so many teenagers on this site looking only for a good time. Yep I’m white.

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