NYC Drafting Staten Island's Doctors in Crusade Against Abuse of Pain Pills

NYC drafting Staten Island's doctors in crusade against abuse of pain pills

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A third of long-term patients show signs of addiction, said Dr. Farley: "We also have to recognize there are an awful lot of patients who are already dependent on these drugs and we have to help them get treatment." NEW WAY OF TREATING PAIN. With the …


'Born-free American woman' Becky Gerritson confronts her government [VIDEO]

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Becky Gerritson says she is not a Republican or a Democrat, but rather an independent who has only been active in politics since 2008. Last month, Gerritson became the face and voice of those tea partiers who were victimized by the Internal Revenue …
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'Orchestrated Noise' by Maestro Fresh Wes among new CD releases for the

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Steve Earle _ "The Warner Brother Years". Extol _ "Extol". Forever the Sickest Kids _ "J.A.C.K.". Stone Gossard _ "Moonlander". Hawthorne Heights _ "Zero". India.Arie _ "Songversation". Jane's Addiction _ "Live in NYC". Jillette Johnson _ "Water in a …
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Jane’s Addiction — World Concert Premiere of IRRESISTIBLE FORCE – Jane’s Addiction performing the world concert premiere of their song ” Irresistible Force”. From the album The Great Escape Artist in New York City July 25, …