PEPFAR's Vital Role in the Fight Against AIDS

PEPFAR's vital role in the fight against AIDS

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To a large degree, the International AIDS Conference under way in Washington, DC, is a celebration of life. Yes, the deadly disease … One of the panelists was Dr. Wafaa El-Sadr , director of the International Center for AIDS Care and Treatment …
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Small study: Drug may help stabilize Alzheimer's

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WASHINGTON, D.C.; July 17, 2012 (WPVI) — For the first time, researchers are reporting that a treatment might help stabilize Alzheimer's disease for as much as three years, although the evidence is weak and in only four patients. … On Tuesday, Dr …



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With the collective resources of Hanley Center and Caron Treatment Centers, coupled with the past year of working together, major plans have been developed for the expansion of the Hanley Center facilities and programs in West Palm Beach, Fla …
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