RI Lawmakers Vote to Decriminalize Marijuana

RI lawmakers vote to decriminalize marijuana

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But opponents argued that decriminalization could lead to more impaired drivers and greater substance abuse by teens. Several opponents also warned of a "slipperly slope" to legalization. "Look at the precedent this is going to set for 15, 16, …
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China Studies US to Revamp Police Force

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… in Washington, DC, who has been to China to speak with law enforcement officials there about US tactics. Branson said Chinese Embassy officials approached him after seeing an article about his role in helping clean up a crime and drug-infested park …
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Is It the Beginning of the End for the War on Pot?

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The DEA and Drug Czar require marijuana to be included in their data on illicit substances, which they use to make the drug problem appear as big as possible. This is a question of Washington, DC, pit against individual liberty, public health, …
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